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Inspired by the selection of flowers that I grow in my garden and the local flora of the nearby countryside, I want to capture some of the colours of each fleeting season in a range of beautiful hand dyed silk ribbons, perfect for bouquets, styling and gift wrapping.

Everything is carried out by hand in my home and garden studio: from extracting dye from the plant material (flowers, leaves, roots and bark) and dyeing the silk, to cutting, finishing and packaging the ribbons. I use mainly plant material from my garden or the countryside but, in order to produce a wide range of colours, from sustainable online sources too.


Hand dyeing with natural colours is not an exact science: processes may be noted in detail and recipes may be followed, but the plant’s location, the time of year, the temperature of the dye bath, the pH of the water, etc. can all help yield different results. Consequently, each batch of hand dyed silk ribbon is a limited edition and unique. It should also be noted that there may be some slight colour variation along the length of the ribbon, this is due to the natural dyeing process and is not an error – this is what makes each ribbon individual and gorgeous!


Four different types of silk are available (habotai, mousaline, noil and velvet) and the ribbons come in various widths and lengths – see each item for individual prices and details. Sizes are approximate due to the handmade nature of the manufacturing process.


Ribbon colours are often complex and can be difficult to photograph as the natural plant dyes seep into the silk and often take on hints of other hues in different lights and at different angles. The textures of each type of silk also offer variations in shade as each one takes up the dye differently. That is the beauty of silk! I take photographs in natural light for colour accuracy, and do try to describe the colours accurately, but please be aware that the colours shown on your computer or mobile phone may be slightly different to that in real life – but they are all beautiful!


The ribbons come hand rolled onto custom wooden dowels, wrapped in tissue paper and securely packaged.

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