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Plant dyed silk ribbon in 'Rosewater' A delicate, very pale pink blush colour.


Lighter than 'Soft Peach' and 'Sorbet', and more pinky than 'Peach Blush'.


Available in one type of silk:

Habotai: a soft, smooth, lightweight silk with a lovely shimmer and drape. Torn and frayed for that natural look.



Habotai:  2cm x 200cm (£6.00); 2.75cm-3cm x 200cm (£8.00); 3.75cm-4cm x 200cm (£9.00); 4.75cm-5cm x 200cm (£10.00)

Habotai:  2cm x 205cm (£6.15); 2.75cm-3cm x 205cm (£8.20); 3.75cm-4cm x 205cm (9.20); 4.75cm-5cm x 205cm (£10.25)